Google+ Cosplayers of the Week: Best Cosplayers of 2012

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Best Cosplayers of 2012

The votes are in and I can now declare the Best Cosplayers of 2012.

Best Team Cosplayers
NikkiB, CaityBair and Mimi
as Japanese Neko Maids

Best Male Cosplayer
as TinTin and Snowy
Cutest Little Tin Tin ever

Best Female Cosplaying Pair
Samantha & Vannessa
as Harley Quinn & Black Widow
naughty red-head cleavage cat-suit

Best Cosplayer in Asia
Kaori Kariya
as Juliet Starling

Best Cosplayer in Canada
Anya Panda
as Roll

Best Cosplayer in Europe
as Aya Nastume

Best Cosplayer in American East
Yaya Han
as Wizard
purple cleavage long dress

Best Cosplayer in American West

Best Cosplay Video
Cosplay Feaver
Video from Cosplay feaver on YouTube
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